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Partner Focus

The channel partner must have a demonstrable competence in the area of selling and supporting software products. Products should be or closely related to the categories listed as follows:

SiteAudit - Asset Management

  • Information Technology (IT) Asset Management
  • Cost Assessment and Management
  • IT Managed Services including hardware
  • IT Service Management and Help Desk related products

SiteAudit - Assessment & Fleet Management

  • Output Management Services including printer assets
  • Output Products including printers and copiers

Channel partners should have invested sales and technical resources with IT solution experience. Netaphor's printer asset management solutions should represent an extension to the product lines and services already offered.

Target Markets

The partner should have a customer focus to the following organization sizes:

  • Enterprise business: companies with 5,000 employees and above
  • Medium businesses: companies with 500-5,000 employees
  • Government and education at local, regional or national levels

Having established customer relationships with one or more of the following market sectors is beneficial because they represent high concentrations of office and other digital printing.

Education Securities & Services Pharmaceuticals
Government Healthcare Telecommunications
Financial Services Insurance Banking
Legal Services Transportation  
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