Cyberons ActiveX controls and COM objects

These highly specialized, reusable components can add high-performance features to applications you develop in Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, Microsoft Visual J++, and other ActiveX development environments.

With the Cyberons Networking Suite, a Windows application instantly becomes capable of serving requests from HTTP clients, generating and dispatching email, and monitoring SNMP-enabled network devices.  So you can easily write a VB application to, for example, monitor disk usage on all of your Windows NT servers, continuously publish usage figures on the intranet, and send email to an administrator if the disk usage exceeds a defined threshold.

The Engineering Suite provides functions that are invaluable for office/factory automation and laboratory simulation.  These functions include calculating statistics, filtering inputs, generating pseudo-random numbers, implementing process control loops, and producing waveforms.  Also included is a tunable, efficient cache to speed up access to search-intensive data stores.

Product Data Sheet (requires Acrobat Reader) Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

A Cyberons price list is provided here, and is also included in the data sheet. The data sheet is PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader.

Product Purchase Overview for Active X controls and COM objects

The following steps outline the recommended product purchase procedure:

  1. Download Cyberons.  To order a CD version of the product, please call our toll free number at 877-NETA4SW (877-638-2479).
  2. Install the Cyberons components.  You must complete this step in order to obtain the Product ID needed for getting a license.
  3. License the downloaded Cyberons with a trial license.
  4. Try the Cyberons components!  Now that you are ready to purchase these components...
  5. Purchase the desired Cyberons components.
  6. License the purchased Cyberons components with a purchase license (you do not need to license all components at the same time).
Pricing and Purchasing Download for FreeTrial
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