BackOffice Services

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SiteAudit BackOffice Services provides the tools for integrating SiteAudit data with third-party software such invoicing, CRM, ERP and other back-office applications. SiteAudit BackOffice Services includes the BackOffice Client and the BackOffice Toolkit, which includes API documentation and the source code for a sample BackOffice Server.


Data collected from SiteAudit OnSite and Hosted provide the most complete and accurate information about networked and local printers. From total counts to wide format square meter usage SiteAudit collects the widest array of counters. Supplies data includes not just levels, estimated replacement date, replaced-on-date but much more. SiteAudit data tracks inventory moves, printer age, utilization and array of fleet health data such as uptime percentage. All making integration with back-office applications a competitive advantage for MPS partners.

At-A-Glance Integration Applications

– Invoice and billing
– Customer Relation Management (CRM)
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
– Help desk and support

Key Features and Benefits

– SiteAudit data-on-demand
– Data filtering
– Secure communications
– Out-of-band back channel
– Single I/F for all applications


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SiteAudit BackOffice Services (EN)  |  WinServ SiteAudit Connector (EN) | WinServ SiteAudit Connector (DE)