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SiteAudit Visualizer is a floor mapping tool. It offers Managed Print Services (MPS) partners the capability to do placement analysis to optimize printer utilization. The analysis process begins with data from SiteAudit OnSite, Hosted or Compact tools, and then Visualizer Inventory Explorer allows users to drag and drop printer icons to their physical location as they walk the customer floor. Users can filter on departments or locations, specify data labels including unique asset information, volume and utilization as well as supplies levels. Within minutes a floor plan is complete and ready for presentation.


Visualizer is used for auditing and ongoing fleet analysis. Customers with small to enterprise environments benefit from a visualization of their fleet, so they can see where their physical printer assets are located, and understanding their utilization. Partners can combine Visualizer floor plans with the graphic reporting of SiteAudit Analyzer to produce exceptional TCO presentations. Using SiteAudit Visualizer reduces the time and cost to produce fleet analysis while increasing the success rate for winning fleet management contracts.

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– Floor Mapping Tool
– Audit and Fleet Analysis Tool

Key Features and Benefits

– Easily drag and drop icons to any floor image file
– Use with any Windows tablet
– Utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Visio software
– Utilize the comprehensive data collected from SiteAudit OnSite, Hosted or Compact tools
– Easily map printers to floor plans; it saves the cost of manually produced printer maps
– Printer activity is visualized on floor plans to formulate volume and utilization TCO analysis
– Ensures compatibility to current and ongoing data collections while lowering the learning curve cost


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