Virtual Technician

SiteAudit Virtual Technician is like having an on premise technician without the cost of one. Partners can perform remote diagnostics on printers and the data collection agent (DCA) from their service centers located anywhere. It is manufacturer and model independent which means it works on mixed printer fleets. This reduces service cost and increases service performance making Netaphor partners more profitable while making customers more satisfied. Technical issues once requiring on premise visit now can be done the moment they are detected, without scheduling hassles or trip costs.

Use the Virtual Technician capability to review the DCA health statistics, make changes to the data collection intervals in conjunction with Netaphor support. When there are suspected issues set the appropriate debug mode to diagnose problems. And restart monitoring if running to capture new devices. In short diagnose issues before they are problems. Instead of walking to a printer to check status and make configuration changes use Virtual Technician. Do first level diagnostics to check the online status, then verify or make configuration changes to settings or verify maintenance requests. Run the MIB Browser in conjunction with Netaphor support to add data tracking. Virtual Technician can work on any make or model if the proper printer ports are open.

The Virtual Technician capability requires the SiteAudit v6.8 software or later.

Key features of SiteAudit Virtual Technician:
– Remote DCA diagnostics including current configuration and health statics
– Capability to adjust DCA settings including monitoring and debug configurations
– Download of DCA event logs for performance and health evaluation
– Remote communication with all networked printer makes and models
– Capability to adjust printer settings and view device configuration and status
– Ability to run a MIB walk on the any printer

Virtual Technician is available to select partners.


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